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The "CESNUR Case" broke out in September 1998, when we opened this page, presenting documents on the "Centre for the Study of New Religions" of patent-lawyer Massimo Introvigne, who at the time used to present himself as a "sociologist" and as "one of the  greatest experts in the world on new religious movements"; CESNUR enjoyed great credit among academics, journalists and politicians inside Italy and out.

The material we made available not only shows that Massimo Introvigne is a leader of the radical right-wing "counter-revolutionary" movement called Alleanza Cattolica - the Italian "sister" of the Brazilian cult called  Tradition, Family and Property   (TFP). However, what is most important is that  the material we published showed how CESNUR's "research" is carried out in such a way as to delierately promote the policies and ideological goals of this movement.

Militants of "Tradition, Family and Property" symbolically conquering the heart of Communism 

As one can see from the information we provide here,  Massimo Introvigne first replied by accusing us of being "agents of the Belgian Parliament", then by launching an unbelievable campaign on Usenet  Newsgroups involving insults, obscenities and forged posts. Shortly after, he threatened our  provider into closing down our website.

Barely one week later, the site was back on line thanks to friends in various countries. We sailed through further threats and the invention by Introvigne of a new "sociological" category especially designed for us: that of "anti-cult terrorists."

  • Disclaimer

  • The usual legal stuff, for lawyers and anybody else interested in threatening us
    Texts by Miguel Martinez on CESNUR and Introvigne

    I became interested in CESNUR quite by accident. I had just got into the world of  Internet when I discovered a text by  Massimo Introvigne - whom I knew of already without however harbouring any critical feelings. In this article, the Turin "sociologist" made a series of  statements about me which were not only offensive, but  were also blatantly false. This was an especially serious matter, since the statements did not appear in a polemical context, but in something calling itself a "study". For a biographical note about me, click here. 

  • When criticism is called "terrorism" 

  • CESNUR uses public funds to label all its critics as "extreme terrorists". September 1st, 1999.   
  • "Only source of funds" 

  • Introvigne's lawyer denies Introvigne's claim that the Piedmont Region is CESNUR's "only source of funds".October 1st, 1999..   
  •  The silence on the most important "religious freedom" case in Italy

  • About a document on Jehovah's Witnesses signed by twenty Italian senators on November 29, 1998.   

  • Let Pinochet Go! Let Scientology Go!

  • Concerning an article published in Cristianità, the official magazine of Alleanza Cattolica which includes CESNUR's director Massimo Introvigne among its leaders, lavishing praise on former Chileno dictator Pinochet.   
  • We too have just gone into deprogramming

  • We have just had the honour of sharing in abducting and hiding away a young lady I shall call Fadija. Name it as you will - rescue, deprogramming, kidnapping.
    Since apparently not all readers are endowed with a sense of humour, it should be said that this title is deliberately ironical, since Introvigne accuses all his critics of being "deprogrammers": just for the record, I am strongly against deprogramming, even though it was virtually never practised in Italy, and is a dead issue elsewhere.
  • A demonstration by Alleanza Cattolica

  • Violent activities of Introvigne's group compared to "Red Brigade" terrorism by mainstream Catholics.   
  • Introvigne Accuses His Critics: They are all "Terrorists" and Part of a "Secular Humanist-Muslim Fundamentalist-Communist-Fascist" Plot 

  • Our comments on a bizarre article by Introvigne in Terrorism and Political Violence. 
  • Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi: the Story of an Emperor

  • A study on the neo-theosophical cult New Acropolis and its founder, which also shows the mistakes Massimo Introvigne made in his study on the same subject. This is also virtually the only study in any language on this group. 

        This article is also available in Italian, Russian and in Portuguese

  • A Note from the Theosophical Society

  • A note from the main offices of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India, on Jorge Angel Livraga's organization, New Acropolis. 
  • Can Massimo Introvigne call himself "Professor"?

  • Almost three years ago, Dr Introvigne threatened to sue us if we had cast doubt on his title as "professor", obtained by teaching for three days a year at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome, an institution belonging to the controversial Legionaries of Christ. Along with Introvigne's threat - which was never put into effect - we publish the message of a student of the same Athenaeum declaring that the "Pontifical Athenaeum" is not technically a University. 
  • GRIS and CESNUR: Adversaries, competitors or friends?

  • History and state of relations between CESNUR and GRIS, the Catholic association devoted to "pastoral" activities in the field of cults. 
  • Freelosofia: A Trap on the Web

  • strange site especially dedicated to Wiccan groups and which claims to co-operate with CESNUR. One thing is certain: the person who is running the site is not telling the truth. 
  • The Extraordinary Plot of Teresio Delfino

  • A website registered under a false name claims to offer the "confessions" of an alleged repentant conspirator, who reveals the existence of a plot against Scientology set up by the Speaker of the Italian Parliament, a well-known TV journalist, the critical website "Allarme Scientology" and such individuals as "agent AKA" and "agent Kojak". The whole thing would have ended up in a good laugh, if the Italian MP Teresio Delfino had not posed a question in Parliament demanding immediate steps against "Allarme Scientology" on the basis of this one piece of evidence. A story we can only call weird. 
  • "Islam is an unreliable element"
    Alleanza Cattolica and CESNUR's anti-Islamic strategy

  • Many people know of CESNUR and Massimo Introvigne in their role as supporters of "religious freedom". Few however know that the leadership of CESNUR, Massimo Introvigne and the whole movement Alleanza Cattolica - the "counter-revolutionary" organization which Introvigne refers to - are currently engaged in a campaign on several levels against one specific religion: Islam. A campaign ironically based on many elements commonly used to delegitimize "cults". 
  • "If they say you are terrorist, then it means you are a terrorist"

  • In a review on the CESNUR site, Alleanza Cattolica militant PierLuigi Zoccatelli quoted the US scholar Jeffrey K. Hadden as a supporter of the thesis according to which anybody who criticizes Introvigne is a "terrorist", adding an extraordinary twist: if you complain about being called a terrorist, then it means you are a terrorist. On the basis of this review, I wrote an article (no longer available) which was very critical towards Prof. Hadden. Actually, Hadden never said anything of the kind. Besides apologizing to Hadden for not having checked the reliability of Zoccatelli's review, my article provides a few useful elements for understanding the way CESNUR constructs its own reality. 
  • "The Coup that Failed:
    a Case Study in Counter-Revolutionary Strategy"

  • TFP, Alleanza Cattolica and other CESNUR friends interfere heavily in the struggle inside the Italian Catholic cult-monitoring organization GRIS. A rather complicated but interesting inside view of the none-too-scrupulous manner in which Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira's Italian devotees try to take over other Catholic organizations. 
  • Introvigne vs. Maigret
    If you disagree with CESNUR it means you are paid for by the French Secret Service

  • Introvigne publishes a "Manifesto" against France, and also returns to one of his favourite conspiracy theories. 
  • "Repeating a lie a hundred times":
    Introvigne, Cantoni, TFP

  • In 1999, Massimo Introvigne wrote that claims of links between TFP and Alleanza Cattolica were merely "lies repeated a hundred times". In this article, we comment on an interview granted by Giovanni Cantoni, Alleanza Cattolica founder, to the official magazine of TFP, where Cantoni tells the story of forty years of devotion to TFP founder, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira and of a "relationship which still lasts" with TFP. 
  • How Introvigne turned the Jehovah's Witnesses into his salesmen

  • A fascinating case of scholarly tit-for-tat: in this document, we can see how the Italian Watch Tower Society, hardly known for its appreciation for "objective sociology", urges its followers to buy copies of a book by Introvigne, providing instructions on how to place mass orders with another Alleanza Cattolica member, bypassing the bookshops. Not surprisingly, the book happens to be a new edition of an older book on the Jehovah's Witnesses, systematically purged this time - as we can see from a comparative table - of any information that the hierarchy of the group might find not to its taste.

    This same article is also available - on other web sites - in French and German.  

    Introvigne's Confessions
  • When Introvigne was a convinced "anti-cultist" himself

  • Introvigne's views on cults some time before his foundation of CESNUR. The Alleanza Cattolica party line at the time was against cults.   

  • "Militants of Alleanza Cattolica [...] founded and still inspire CESNUR"

  • Italian cult-researcher Alessia's fascinating analysis of Introvigne's writings, where he explicitly states that CESNUR was founded as an actor in "the struggle between Revolution and Counter-Revolution" and that "This is why militants of Alleanza Cattolica, together with others, founded and still inspire CESNUR, the Centre for the Study of New Religions." 

    For having said exactly what Introvigne says here, we have had our website censored, been threatened by lawyers and subjected to a mind-boggling campaign of obscenities and insults.   

    Back and forth

    Debate between Introvigne and his critics  

    CESNUR and the Far Right
    Tradition, Family and Property and the strange story of the "Lodge of Thebes", French Neo-pagans/Neo-nazis and other friends of CESNUR. CESNUR in Italy has managed to find room for itself thanks to a basic misunderstanding: in a country long a monopoly of the Catholic Church, any multinational selling imaginative therapies or ideologies from the USA looks like "progress." So it is hard here to imagine that it is a far-right Catholic group which is defending cults. However Alleanza Cattolica's idea is not contradictory: better reincarnationists than red. "If they want to make Scientology pay taxes today, they might try to do so with Opus Dei tomorrow." 
  • "The True Face of the Secret Societies: Inquest into the Mysterious Group of Thebes"

  • One of the strangest episodes in the history of CESNUR involved Massimo Introvigne as co-founder of the secretive "Lodge of Thebes", a very small group of political and magical extremists who for a short period tried to unite the quarrelsome world of French occultists. By Serge Faubert from L'Événement du Jeudi (4 November 1993).  
  • «I was one of the founders of the Thebes Group»

  • «The man of the cults, the pride of the Right, the friend of the Masons, the Catholic's who's-who « Speaking to the Catholic news agency "ADISTA", Introvigne confirms to being one of the founders of this curious esoteric and political group (in Italian only 

    TFP Watch
    "Tradition, Family and Property" and the other "counter-revolutionary" organizations founded by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira have always tended to avoid publicity, except for a few public campaigns. There is very little information available on the movement anywhere. And this is the only place on the Web you will find a collection of material on the "counter-revolutionary front".

    We use TFP as shorthand here for all the many organizations around the world which recognize Plinio Corrêa as their spiritual father.    

  • "Unmasking TFP's media maneuver"

  • Research project commissioned by New Nation, 1988. Undertaken by Centre for Cultural and Media Studies, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa.  
  • TFP declares war on Brazilian samba

  • From TV Crítica, Brazil. With a note by Miguel Martínez on the split between the "official" TFP of Antonio Gustavo Solimeo and the "Arautos do Evangelho" of the new "prophet", Joâo Scognamiglio Clá Días. 


    CESNUR and Brainwashing 
    A very important debate - which I was only marginally involved in - came out in 1998, when two Italian Catholic psychologists, Alberto Amitrani and Raffaella Di Marzio, brought out documents proving that Introvigne had systematically used a misleading presentation ("misleading" is something of a euphemism) of the supposed denial of the existence of "brainwashing" by the American Psychology Association (APA). The debate perhaps is a little for specialists, but it is very revealing... 

  • "Brainwashing" in New Religious Movements
  • The debate opened by the Roman seat of G.R.I.S., Group of Research and Information on the Sects, with the director of CESNUR Massimo Introvigne. By dr. Alberto Amitrani and dr. Raffaella Di Marzio (April, 1998).  

    • "Introvigne dixit"
    • A textual comparison between CESNUR's statements and the content of the "APA Memorandum" of May 11, 1987.  

    • CESNUR's reply
    • An english translation of the original anonymous CESNUR Press Release dated April 22, 1998. This document, originally published on the official CESNUR Web site, on August 29, mysteriously, disappeared without a trace... CESNUR used threats to try to remove this press release from our website. Of course we didn't give in.  

    • GRIS replies to CESNUR: "ALL SMOKE and no fire"

    • "Liar, Liar"

    • CESNUR speaks again about the issue, 10-11-1998.  

    • "The Neverending Story"

    • GRIS Rome's commentary on CESNUR's press release, 27-11-1998.  

    • "Blind, or just don't want to see?"

    • "Brainwashing", mystification and suspicion - by dr. Alberto Amitrani and dr. Raffaella Di Marzio, from the Roman seat of GRIS (July, 1998).   
  • The Blacklisting of a concept

  • "The strange history of the brainwashing conjecture in the sociology of religion", by dr. Benjamin Zablocki, October, 1997, "NOVA RELIGIO" (The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions). 

    CESNUR, Scientology and the "anti-cult movements" 

    Massimo Introvigne responded to the intense affection felt for him by the multinational corporation called 'Scientology' by launching an "appeal" in support of the group; however Scientology's love has caused the CESNUR director some embarrassment as well.    

  • CESNUR publicly supports Scientology propaganda in Germany

  • From an appeal sent to German authorities on August 15, 1996, signed by directors of CESNUR Massimo Introvigne (Italy) and J. Gordon Melton (America). Germany's view on Scientology, from official resources. 
  • Does CESNUR co-operate with the new CAN?

  • About the curious connections between CESNUR and the new CAN, organization accused of being a Scientology front group. By Harry & Martini, Christmas 1998.  
  • Massimo Introvigne replies

  • CAN isn't reliable; Scientology is engaged in «more or less "covert" operations». By Martini, January, 1999.   
    Also available in FRENCH 
  • Is Scientology investigating us?

  • The strange story of the mysterious MIAS (Italian Anti-Cult Movement), their lies and connections with the Church of Scientology - by Martini, Christmas 1998. 
    The many lives of Massimo Introvigne
    Luckily for him, Massimo Introvigne does not pass all his time in the boring circle of Alleanza Cattolica. His friends include Satanists, vampires and... media tycoon and politician Silvio Berlusconi. However even among vampires, Introvigne never can really get away from Alleanza Cattolica: in summer '98, Cristianità, the official magazine of the extremist group, opened a new box in its column on "The Good Battle" (which regularly lists the militant activities of the group). The box was entitled "Vampires", and was placed between "Education and Instruction" and "Political Categories" (presentations of the "Black book on Communism", training courses organized by Alleanza Cattolica for the leadership of the former neo-Fascist party, Alleanza Nazionale, and so on). The box listed, among other items, a lecture by Introvigne with the lovely title "Neverending Thirst: Before and After Dracula." 

  • His friendship with right-wing media tycoon Berlusconi blossoms

  • Massimo Introvigne, a scholar closely involved with the political Right (Corriere della Sera, January 19, 1999). 
  • A Bunch of Silly People Dressing up and Biting Each Other on the Neck" 

  • We are publishing this news item on Introvigne's activity as a vampire fan only because it provides a pleasant diversion from the issue of cult apology. «Coffin Break To Vampires Everywhere, Fangs for The Memories»; article by Carol Bidwell, The Los Angeles Daily News - 23.7.1997
  • "What I saw at a Black Mass"

  • "A naked woman, a short coupling with the 'priest', they mumbled invocations to the Devil" - from Epoca, with a large interview with Introvigne, September 28, 1993.

    The world of cult apologists
    The world of mutually legitimizing sociologists, some authentic and some not, whose livelihood depends on keeping on the right side of the 'subjects' they study - the so-called 'cults' - of course does not include only Introvigne. Another leading character is James Gordon Melton, a Methodist preacher who also collects books and runs CESNUR-USA together with a Mormon lawyer named Michael Homer. 

  • Gordon Melton of CESNUR-USA, regarded as an "expert" by the new CAN

  • Article from Esquire Magazine, June, 1997, by Jeannette Walls.   
  • The Cult Apologist FAQ

  • From Massimo Introvigne to Eileen Barker and J. Gordon Melton: Extremely amusing. By Tilman Hausherr, 1999.  
  • Melton is challenged

  • Three articles from The Straits Times, Singapore, July 17-18, 1997, by Tan Ool Boon. 

    Introvigne seen from close up: criticism by esoteric, integriste and far-Right milieux
    Some people have criticised us for having included this material. Apart from the fact that we are against any kind of censorship, anybody can understand that the most interesting criticism against Introvigne and Alleanza Cattolica can only come from those who know them well: Catholic traditionalists and the so-called radical Right.

    Introvigne has tried to make use of these criticisms in order to show that he himself is not a right-wing extremist. However the reason certain minorities on the far Right criticism is quite different: Catholic traditionalists have a lot to say against a movement which they consider millenialist and to a certain degree esoteric, whereas other members of the radical Right object to Alleanza Cattolica's attempts to take their world over.  

  • Cesnur's director, Freemasonry and TFP

  • From "Alleanza... Massonica?", by Father Torquemada. Published in Sodalitium, December, 1997, n. 46, p. 64-76. Whatever one may think of the viewpoint (and the pseudonym) of "Father Torquemada", there is no doubt he knows his man: he has known Introvigne - and shared his ideas - since they were both adolescents. The full articles appear on our Italian pages.
  • Massimo Introvigne: scholar or politician?

  • Global domination and religion as a weapon. An article by Lucio Tancredi published on Orion, VII, n. 9, September, 1998. Orion is a magazine which represents every shade of opinion on Italy's variegated "radical Right" except racism. Authors include CESNUR critics like Tancredi, CESNUR scholars like Marco Pasi and Alleanza Cattolica supporters like Massimo Maraviglia. 

    Interlude: Cronaca Vera and a Brazilian Song
    Cronaca Vera is a lovely Italian tabloid, dedicated to improbable stories of every kind. It published an interview, accompanied by some unique photos, with Massimo Introvigne, where the CESNUR director claimed he was working on a secret mission to fight the Devil in the Italian region of Puglia. Introvigne denied he had ever granted the interview. The whole episode greatly amused Newsgroup readers who followed the story.  

  • Massimo Introvigne on Cronaca Vera

  • In an interview with the Italian "gutter-press", Massimo Introvigne claims secret nomination as ghostbuster. By Miguel Martinez, March, 1999.   

    Also in PORTUGUESE  and GERMAN   

  • "F*ck the T.F.P"

  • You can listen to this one... the Brazilian hardcore/punk group "Blind Pigs" ("harmonies that will stick in your head after it's been smashed against the wall. 14 tunes in 26 minutes go by like a swift kick to the groin...") expresses its unenlightened opinon on Introvigne's maitres à penser.  
    CESNUR's conferences
    Articles - some critical, some not - on recent CESNUR conferences  

  • CESNUR '98 Conference

  • Facts, impressions, meetings and "events", minor and major, at an international meeting. By Dr. Raffaella Di Marzio, from the Roman seat of G.R.I.S., Group of Research and Information on the Sects.
  • Watchtower Society did not take part in CESNUR Conference

  • By Stephan E. Wolf. From Ex ZJ Infolink, Infoservice of the Network of Former Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany, November, 1998. The Brooklyn leadership had to drop out of attending the CESNUR conference when ordinary JW's heard that their bosses intended to share in a meeting with Catholics, pagans, and others. CESNUR as usual threatened to sue the critics who had put the information out on the Net, apparently for having let the grassroots know too much.   

    Available also in GERMAN 

    CESNUR and the Catholic Church
    Most CESNUR supporters outside Italy are probably unaware that CESNUR here is constantly organizing lectures and seminars in Catholic institutions of every kind, teaching the "theologically correct" viewpoint on "new religious movements." To do so, CESNUR describes itself as a Catholic organization, under the patronage of a bishop. This is why we publish this document.  

  • Warning Catholics: CESNUR doesn't act for Vatican

  • From a note signed by Mons. Michael L. Fitzgerald, Segretary for the Pontificio Consiglio per il dialogo interreligioso, City of Vatican (September 27, 1996).   


  • The Transylvanian Society of Dracula (with photos)

  • It's an international association which promotes studies on... vampires. The American chapter of the TSD is run by Gordon Melton, the Italian one by Introvigne, who publicizes the TSD on a "secret page" at CESNUR's site...   

    CESNUR's friends
    These are links to some sites which for various reasons are close to CESNUR. Unlike us, they tend not to make links to sites they disagree with in any way. We use the term "neo-Fascist" here in a technical, not a derogatory sense.
  • Homepages of CESNUR, Alleanza Cattolica and TFP

  • "When one searches for Scientology at http://goto.com, the first entry is http://www.cesnur.org/testi.htm, with a disclosure that $0.12 is paid by the advertiser. I wonder if Massimo Introvigne paid this himself, or if scientology paid this to get an "independant" site on top that isn't criticizing the criminal cult" (post by Tilman Hausherr, alt.religion.scientology, 25 Oct 1999).
  • Institute for the Study of American Religions (ISAR)

  • "An independent research facility tucked into the top floor of the United Methodist Church in Isla Vista, California" (John Mardas, interview with J. Gordon Melton in "Speak Magazine", No. 2, Summer 2000) is  run by the Reverend J. Gordon Melton, a member of the board of directors of CESNUR International.
  • La Casa di Elrond

  • "News and support for the counter-revolutionary battle." A typical page of an Alleanza Cattolica militant, with links to CESNUR and Una Voce Grida...! The website is called "Corneliu" in honour of the founder of the Rumanian Iron Guard.
  • Una Voce Grida...!

  • This is the website of a small Catholic Charismatic group run by Tarcisio Mezzetti. However, the best known follower is certainly Andrea Menegotto, a CESNUR member with many ties to Introvigne. A look at their manifesto shows what they mean by scholarship: "Information and comments on the hidden dangers of popular/journalistic culture of our times, on new religiosity, the world of magic, of superstition and of the occult, for use in the New Evangelization, in order to fight error, distinguishing without discriminating, and in order to bring the people of God back to the faith."
  • Homepage of CADR - Centro Ambrosiano di Documentazione per le Religioni - Sezione Nuovi Movimenti Religiosi

  • CADR is a small group made up by Alleanza Cattolica militants Paolo Di Giovanni, Aldo Carletti, Manzoni and Trolli, who are trying to introduce CESNUR's point of view into the Catholic institutions of the diocese of Milan. Notice that the homepage of CADR used to be hosted on the website of Una Voce Grida...! The URL in fact was http://members.tripod.com/~unavocegrida/CADR.htm.
  • Leggenda Nera

  • Personal site of the student Emiliano Fumaneri, sympathizer but not militant of Alleanza Cattolica. Fumaneri is Introvigne's main defender on Italian language newsgroups . His site defends the S panish inquisition, the despoiling of the native peoples of America, the Syllabus and the Crusades, and attacks the theory of evolution, homosexuals and the French revolution. His site links CESNUR together with TFP, Alleanza Cattolica and its various emanations, Una Voce Grida...!, the Pontifical Atheneum Regina Apostolorum and something called "Why the Crusades". "Leggenda Nera" fully deserves its place here among the "friends of CESNUR", first because Fumaneri has earned special praise for having read every word of Kelebek, looking for weak points to attack; secondly, because Fumaneri, after having tapped my wrist on the Newsgroups for not having read his site, then refused to provide me with the URL because he - wrote - he did not want his site to end up listed here. 
  • Circolo Carlo Magno (Charlemagne Circle) of Alleanza Nazionale

  • This branch of the former neo-Fascist "Alleanza Nazionale" party, chaired by Franco Maestrelli, regularly hosts all the activities of Alleanza Cattolica and CESNUR. Whoever Charlemagne may have been in real history, the name in this case was chosen in praise of his extermination of pagans and his wars against the Muslims. On their website, we can see a lecture by PierLuigi Zoccatelli (militant of both Alleanza Cattolica and CESNUR) presenting his book "Al supermercato delle religioni: dal New Age al Next Age." A book published by Di Ci, in a series... edited by Massimo Introvigne. The "book information" page on this site suggests only the following books: one by Jean-François Mayer (CESNUR) and two by Introvigne on cults, plus the incredible hate-book, Islam: anatomia di una setta ("Islam, Anatomy of a Cult"), by Stefano Nitoglia. All four books are published by the far-right publisher, Effedieffe.. The site, by the way, has only three links: one to Alleanza Nazionale, of course; one to Alleanza Cattolica and one to CESNUR.

Cover of Islam, anatomia di una setta
("Islam: Anatomy of a Cult")

  • Istituto Storico della Destra

  • This 'Historical Institute of the Right' has the following words of praise for Alleanza Cattolica: "it is committed to training a counter-revolutionary élite, in order to restore the spiritual kingdom of Christ through the 'common good' based on 'natural law."
  • Homepage of Alfredo Mantovano, Undersecretary of State for the Interior

  • Alfredo Mantovano, magistrate, Undersecretary of State in the Berlusconi government, is not only one of the top leaders of the former neo-Fascist party Alleanza Nazionale (where he is the person "responsible for State issues"); he is also a leader of Alleanza Cattolica, which he joined when he was eighteen.
  • Homepage of David Botti

  • This militant of Alleanza Cattolica is especially disliked by users of Italian Newsgroups. In his role as moderator of it.politica.cattolici, he censors any post remotely critical either of CESNUR or of the political Right. To make up for this, he posts every message from CESNUR - sent via Menegotto - even when written in English.
  • Luci sull'Est: Towards the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • A TFP offshoot devoted to spreading the message of Fatima. Here you can download "Revolution and Counter-Revolution" - the book that inspired Massimo Introvigne - for free, but in Italian only.
  • Centro Lepanto

  • Named to celebrate the victory over the Muslims, this group is a TFP offshoot independent however from Alleanza Cattolica. Its founder, Prof. Roberto de Mattei, regularly quotes Introvigne in his writings and shares CESNUR's point of view on cults. Centro Lepanto claims that its purpose is "to defend the principles and institutions of Christian Civilization and to represent a point of attraction for thought and action of the conservative and traditional area."
  • Istituto per la Dottrina e l'Informazione Sociale (Institute for Social Doctrine and Information)

  • An important offshoot of Alleanza Cattolica. In February 1996, it started to publish a weekly page on Secolo d'Italia, the official daily of the former neo-Fascist party Alleanza Nazionale, called Dizionario del Pensiero Forte. Massimo Introvigne wrote the article on "Anti-Cult movements and Campaigns" for this "Dictionary", where he "dealt directly with the problem of the attack of persecution which weak thought has been launching against religious freedom" (Andrea Morigi, Cristianità n. 271-2, p. 24).
  • Istituto per la Storia delle Insorgenze (ISIN) (Institute for the History of the Insorgenze)

  • This is run by Marco Invernizzi, who also happens to be the officer of Alleanza Cattolica entrusted with Lombardy and Veneto. A certain Marco Albera is actually a simultaneous member of Alleanza Cattolica, CESNUR and ISIN. ISIN does a necessary job of exploring a lost page of history - the uprisings in 1799 against Napoleon; however its express purpose is to delegitimize the secular state and create a new "historical memory" for Italy.
  • Scuola di Educazione Civile

  • The purpose of this 'School', established by Alleanza Cattolica militants Leonardo Gallotta and Massimo Martinucci, is no less than that of providing "the correct interpretation of historical, political and social events." To celebrate the inauguration, in 1996, Gallotta presented the Archbishop of Ferrara with a copy of Revolution and Counter-Revolution.
  • Per una politica dei valori

  • This site is dedicated to "value-based politics", i.e. to politics in line with Alleanza Cattolica's mission.
  • Alessandro Pagano

  • Homepage of the regional deputy of Forza Italia (the party of media tycoon Berlusconi) and Alleanza Cattolica militant Alessandro Pagano.
  • Pietro Macconi

  • Homepage of the regional deputy of Alleanza Nazionale (former neo-Fascist party) and Alleanza Cattolica militant Pietro Macconi.
  • The Gordon Melton Scientology Affidavit

  • Gordon Melton, not yet a CESNUR leader but already Pastor of the Emanuel United Methodist Church in Evanston, Illinois, after having attended a Scientology wedding, certifies that "the Church of Scientology is very much a religion in the fullest sense of the word." Evidence is not lacking: "the Church of Scientology regularly holds its Sunday worship service which, though not the main focal point of the week as in the Methodist Church, nevertheless provides the community worship for the group."
  • SYZYGY: Journal of Alternative Religion and Culture

  • Published by Evelyn Dorothy Oliver; James R. Lewis; Joseph Waligor; Massimo Introvigne; Eileen Barker; David G. Bromley; Charles L. Harper; Evelyn Dorothy Oliver; J. Gordon Melton; Susan J. Palmer; Gary Shepherd; John M. Bozeman. The review has hosted articles by authors of many different kinds.
  • Elle Di Ci Publishers

  • Edited by Massimo Introvigne of CESNUR and Alleanza Cattolica, the series "Religioni e movimenti" is monitored by PierLuigi Zoccatelli of CESNUR and Alleanza Cattolica who sees to it that no author who disagrees with the official line gets by. The series has published books by Silvia Scaranari Introvigne, who is a member of both CESNUR and Alleanza Cattolica as well as coincidentally being Massimo Introvigne's wife; by PierLuigi Zoccatelli; by Jean-François Mayer of CESNUR; by James Gordon Melton of CESNUR; by Father Pietro Cantoni of Alleanza Cattolica, who happens to be the brother of Alleanza Cattolica "regent", Giovanni Cantoni. A kind of home publisher.

    Critical pages 

  • "Cult Apologists?"

  • A large collection of articles and links by Rick Ross regarding CESNUR's members: Massimo Introvigne, J. Gordon Melton and Eileen Barker. 

    The Case of the Legionaries of Christ 

    During recent years, CESNUR and Alleanza Cattolica have established excellent relations with the Catholic congregation of the "Legionaries of Christ", established in Mexico. The lawyer Introvigne claims the title of Professor because he used to teach for three days a year in an institution belonging to this organization. Like TFP, the Legionaries of Christ are certainly a highly political organization which is held to be very controversial inside the Catholic Church too. Like TFP, the Legionaries of Christ have received serious accusations from former members. First of all, they are accused of exercising a kind of pressure totally contrary to Canon Law in order to turn sympathizers into priests. More seriously, no less than nine former members - including the founder of the first US branch - have accused the founder, Marcial Maciel Degollado, of having abused them sexually.