More specific links regarding CESNUR, so-called "cult apologists" and Catholic fundamentalism, in Italy and around the world, can be found on this other page.

Fire, Towers and the Empire 
    The most complete source on all the wars the Empire is running now, updated every day.

  • Peace Palestine
    Mary Rizzo's site provides insight on the Israel-Palestine conflict

  • Avigail Abarbanel
    "I want to reach Palestinian people in the hope of providing some comfort: I am a Jew and former Israeli who sees their suffering and acknowledges its origins. I want to reach Israelis in the hope that my views and feelings will perhaps help to free them from their trauma, enough to see the situation more clearly, and not only through the distorting lens of their fear."

  • Gilad Atzmon
    Musician, novelist and thinker

  • Peace Palestine
    Blog di Mary Rizzo sulla Palestina, in lingua inglese.



Western Extremism

"Alive, Despite them All": The genocide of the Kosovo Rom and other peoples
  • Dom Research Center
    Resource on the Rom population of the Middle East and North Africa

    The best resource on the net for understanding the tragedy of the Rom without folklore frills

  • The Voice of Roma
    Sani Rifati and Carol Bloom's courageous organization focusing on the tragedy of the Rom of Kosovo

  • Hako: Incontro con le culture magico-visionarie
    In Italian, but we had to point out this unique resource on Native American cultures, which concedes nothing to either colonialist ideologies or New Age romanticism


"Elburz rose in the Golden Horn": from Slovenia to the Euphrates...

  • The Peter Sanders Photography Page
    Visions of the Islamic world. It is hard to conceive of better images to represent an imageless religion.

  • Hymns from the Liturgical Tradition of the Orthodox Church
    Audio files.

  • Riccardo Venturi
    English, Scottish and French Popular Ballads. Although not mentioned on this website, Riccardo Venturi also speaks nineteen languages, has written a gigantic Icelandic grammar and is an obstreperous leader of the Firenze football fans.

  • Caltrap's Corner
    "A site where the curious, the scholar, the historian, the genealogist, the heraldist, the noble and ignoble may browse and/or contribute interesting, reverent and irreverent papers on genuine and whimsical kings, emperors, episcopi vagantes, nobles, titles, orders and other such subjects which are unlikely to have any influence on the world in which we live or on that which we are preparing for our children"

  • Coptic Liturgy
    One of the most ancient surviving forms of Christianity, with its unique language descended directly from Ancient Egyptian.

  • Separatist, Para-military, Military, Intelligence, and Aid Organizations
    Everything from private armies for hire, with nice names like "Rubicon International", to the Lenin Mausoleum Home Page and the Bougainville Freedom Movement. I am not quite sure these qualify as visions, but they do make for fascinating reading, and are commented in a commendably objective manner.

  • Liturgia Romana
    The richly documented website of Father Anthony Chadwick on the Roman Catholic liturgy, Church music and the pipe organ, with a very interesting page on the history and of so-called "Catholic traditionalism", and an extensive series of links to a world of honest mystics, good souls, ruthless fanatics and raving lunatics. Father Chadwick is certainly a rare individual: a clear-thinking liturgical traditionalist who does not believe in the Illuminati Conspiracy.




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